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Looking for a place to stay?

Choose among these fine, cozy and yet value-for-money hotel options that we prepared specially for you. Plus, these are just a couple of walks away from the venue!




~$275 per night 

2 minute walk to venue 

4.4 stars on Google

~$186 per night 

5 minute walk to venue

4.4 stars on Google

~$240 per night 

3 minute walk to venue 

4.2 stars on Google

Mingle with Your Favorite eCommerce Experts

The best part of any seller meetup party is the networking! Meet other e-com sellers, and rub elbows and toast eggnog with your favorite influencers in the space too! 


Amy Wees

David Dayon

Chelsea Cohen

Tim Jordan

Zahra Cruzan

Michael Maher

Brian Johnson

Caulen Foster

Rich Goldstein

Dima Kubrak

Vanessa Hung

Clayton Atchison

Clayton Atchison

Sami Mubasher

Nate Ginsburg

Izabella Ritz

Izabella Ritz

Izabella Ritz

Jamie Davidson

Joie Roberts

Joie Roberts

Joie Roberts

Ryan Sherrard

Joie Roberts

Danan Coleman

Joie Roberts

Brandon Young